The cultural system will closely link the thoughts of each person in our enterprise, make each person's behavior coordinate with each other, intellect merge with each other, and make Shuye march toward a brilliant tomorrow.
As for quality, we pursue perfection and regard it as the life of our enterprise. If we ignore quality, we are smashing the rice bowl in our hands.
For customers, we pursue satisfaction. Customers are not God, but our relatives. Customer satisfaction is the core of our service. This belief must be rooted in the hearts of every employee in Shuye.
For the quality of employees, we pursue progress, and the improvement of employees'ability is the driving force for enterprises to leap forward.
For the quality of employees, we pursue nobility, our employees not only create extraordinary, but also become a model of honesty, honesty, diligence, learning and progress, unity and public service.
For business strategy, we pursue the best, cultivate the best mechanism, train the best talent, provide the best stage, and dedicate the best service.
For the spirit of the enterprise, we pursue innovation. Only with the continuous renewal of products, the continuous innovation of employee concepts and the continuous rise of enterprise cases, can Shuye's life be continued.
For the value of enterprises, we pursue dedication. Shuye's survival value lies not only in providing a development stage for employees, but also in providing customers with satisfactory service.
Shuyeren's development goal is "to work meticulously, quality-oriented, variety-oriented, technology-oriented and design-oriented".